Follow these pest control tips during spring cleaning season

As the weather improves and makes way for spring season, numerous householders will start to focus on their spring cleaning session. At the point when arranging a spring cleaning schedule, make sure not to overlook any spots where bugs might be congregating.


In addition to that, hiring pest control agency treat your house right at the beginning of the season is a perfect thought, however there are some simple steps the property holder can do in order to keep their house free of all those creepy crawlies.


The kitchen is a typical spot for rodents and bugs to assemble as this room gives access to water and food sources. Ants are especially infamous for discovering their way into the kitchen, hunting down sticky spills or remaining morsels that are left on the counters or floors. Regardless of the fact that the kitchen is cleaned every day, there are some extra approaches to keep these bugs under control. This tip was taken courtesy from


In the first place, completely vacuum and clean the floor. Clean the larger appliances, under the cupboards, get into the corners and around the garbage bins. If its possible, try to vacuum on the sides once you pull the stove, as this is the main area for all food debris to get accumulated. Next, he pantry floor has to be swept and mopped. Wipe down the racks and replace the rack lining paper. Additionally, scrub the insides of the counter with a cleaner and sponge. In addition to that, remove everything placed on the counter, particularly the toaster. One of the major place of food source for ants in the toaster area and bread crumbs are always found there.



One of the prime hangout area for silverfish and roaches is the bathroom. Plus, they favor the moist areas and are always drawn towards dampness, which is the reason they take pleasure in staying in this part of the house. The most ideal approach to keep them from showing up is to remove the water which gets accumulated in your bathroom, as they cannot live without water after sometime. Regularly check for leaks around the bathtub and under the sink. Moreover you can sense the dampness, by just feeling the pipes. In the event that there is a dampness issue, have a professional service to fix the leakage issue.


Another favorite place for rodents is the basement and this is due to the fact that basements are dark with plenty of underground space along with numerous storage containers, wherein these rodents can live in. You need to check for rodents, by decluttering the basement area and remove all the storage boxes during your spring cleaning session. These rodents sometimes will bite through containers, hence do not put away anything in cardboard boxes. Rather, purchase some storage containers made of plastic and which has tight-fitting covers. Plus, make sure you seal all those cracks in the basement. You can use caulk or silicone to do so. If you leave cracks unattended, then pests will enter your house even through the smallest spaces.